11 Foods You Should Avoid If You Have High Cholesterol

foods to avoid if you have high cholesterolResisting the smell and taste of processed foods is a challenge. Most of us treat ourselves with foods such as burgers after achieving certain things.

Though these foods are tantalizing, they are unhealthy since they contain high cholesterol levels.

All the cells in our bodies contain the form of fat we call cholesterol. Though it supports different body functions, the accumulation of bad cholesterol becomes risky to the heart.

It can cause strokes or heart attacks in some people. There is good and bad cholesterol. The bad form of cholesterol builds up in the arteries and increases the risk of heart conditions.

High cholesterol levels are a major problem affecting our young population in the world. It comes from taking unhealthy foods. If you are already a victim, we will help you by discussing the foods you should avoid. Read on!

1. Egg Yolks

Experts say that eggs are a healthy source of protein. Though this is true, an egg contains two parts namely the white and yolk. The egg yolk is the one that is not healthy since it contains high cholesterol content.

If your cholesterol level is already high, you should try and separate the parts of an egg to avoid eating the yolk. You should take eggs in moderation to avoid adding bad cholesterol in the body. If you consume eggs for breakfast, take veggies the remaining part of the day so that you can balance your diet.

2. French Fries

If you love chips and have high cholesterol, you should start limiting the consumption of this meal. French fries may be delicious, but they are not healthy since they contain hydrogenated vegetable oils.   This oil stabilizes food and prevents it from spoiling.

It also solidifies easily making transportation easy. The oils can take repetitive heating without the risk of breaking down. All these are advantages to restaurants but demerits for customers.

Hydrogenated oil contains a lot of Trans fats which are detrimental to anyone with high cholesterol. French fries also contain high-calorie content exposing one to conditions such as diabetes and obesity.

3. Liver

The liver has a lot of iron which increases the supply of blood in the body. That is why most people consider it healthy. It, however, increases your levels of cholesterol in the body. The human liver is the source of cholesterol.

When you take animal liver, you increase the already existing levels and cause an imbalance between good and bad cholesterol. Some people also develop gallstones from taking liver excessively.

4. Burgers

Most people cannot complete a day without visiting a fast food restaurant. A cheeseburger is the worst form of burger that you can take when your cholesterol levels are already high. Cheese contains high amounts of cholesterol and saturated fat. You should also avoid taking hamburgers since they include the same elements.

5. Fried Chicken

Taking fried chicken can expose you to heart conditions. It has a lot of saturated fat and sodium which can increase the cholesterol levels in your blood. Deep fried chicken is believed to have more cholesterol than hamburgers.

Though chicken in itself is a low-fat type of meat, the preparation is what makes some of it unhealthy. If you love chicken, choose grilled or baked chicken instead of the fried one. The skin contains a lot of fat; therefore, you should get rid of it before consumption.

6. Ice Cream

Your favorite snack during summer is not the best for your heart. Ice cream contains high cholesterol levels and saturated fat. Many people take ice cream for dessert. You can replace this with some fresh fruits which have low-calorie content.

7. Red Meat

Some people include red meat as part of their daily diet. 50% of beef, pork, and lamb is nothing but saturated fat and cholesterol. This can raise already high cholesterol levels and cause heart disease.  Avoid taking the fatty parts of meat since they are the worst.

If you have to take meat, consider lean cuts of meat like the flank, tenderloin, tip steak or rump.  You can also replace red meat with healthy alternatives like beans, vegetable protein, and fish. Take fish like salmon which contains healthy fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 for your brain and heart health.

Omega 7 is one fatty acid that has been gaining popularity. It has been shown to help with weight loss and provide other health benefits like lower cholesterol levels, improve IBS symptoms, improve hair and skin condition and many more.

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8. Baked Goods

Cupcake, muffins, and cookies should not be in your diet if your cholesterol levels are high. People bake them using hydrogenated oils which contain unhealthy Trans fats. People make muffins differently, and the preparation is what distinguishes a healthy from an unhealthy muffin.

Some English muffins may not contain saturated fat and cholesterol, but most of them come with extra ingredients such as chocolate chips, eggs, and milk.  To get a healthy muffin, you can choose a low-fat muffin that contains whole grain flour. This has a lot of fiber and less fat. Bake muffins with plant oils and avoid adding those additional elements.

9. Snacks

Obese teenagers are often addicted to snacks such as crisps. These contain Trans fats which interfere with your cholesterol levels in the body. Like French fries, crisps contain hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Avoid taking such snacks and always go through the labels of processed foods before purchasing them.  If you prefer preparing your snacks, use olive oil instead of the regular oil. Do not use coconut oil since it also has high cholesterol content.

10. Mac and Cheese

The ingredients of mac and cheese are butter, whole milk, and cheese. These elements have a lot of saturated fats, and they interfere with your cholesterol levels. Instead of sticking to the traditional recipe of making this meal, use low-fat cheese and vegetable oil in place of butter to minimize the number of calories you are consuming from it.

11. Margarine

In the past, people thought that margarine is better than butter. Recent studies, however, report that margarine is not a healthy alternative since it contains a lot of cholesterol. Hard stick margarine is unhealthy since it contains Trans fats that originate from hydrogenated oils.